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Duofuse composite decking boards combine lasting attractiveness and utmost durability as an alternative for balau or oView Morether tropical hardwood. They are a stylish adornment in your garden: an attractive and natural-looking decking for your terrace. But you can also use the decking planks to make steps where you have differences in ground levels, to build a bridge or as an upmarket and safe anti-slip surface for your swimming pool surround.

Duofuse composite decking boards come in hollow as well as solid form, and they also come with various finishes: smooth brushed finish, wood grain, fine or rough ribbed or with different finishing on either side.


• Will not rot, swell, splinter or split •
If installed correctly you will enjoy your decking for years without any sorrow and you can walk and play barefoot on the decking in safety.

• Slip resistant, brushed surface •
Thanks to the brushed surface the decking is far less slippery than a wooden decking.

• Invisible fixing •
No screws or nails that distort the view or hurt you. Thanks to the specially designed clips boards are fastened to the wood composite beams.


Duofuse decking and decking boards are available in 4 timeless, attractive shades. Up to 6 to 8 weeks after being installed, slight variations in colour may occur, after which the colour will stabilise and stay the same for the rest of the product’s life. Even after many years of exposure and use, your decking boards will still look as good as new.

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  • It is essential that sufficient ventilation (1) is provided under the boards so that they can dry after a shower.

  • The ground has to be flat and stable.

  • For a good evacuation of water the ground has to have a slope of 10mm every meter (2) in the direction of the board and preferably away from the house. This slope has to be maintained on the board so that the drainage of the water is optimized and no water can remain on, in or under the board.

Fixing of the beams

  • The decking is installed on beams. Align all beams, so that the starter clips can be fixed at the front of every beam.

  • The distance between the beams is a maximum 500mm. Install an extra beam at 200mm distance from the first and the last beam at the beginning and at the end of the decking.

  • Beams need to be fixed on the concrete foundation or on a supporting structure every 500mm in the correct way (2).

  • Use a countersink to make the holes conical so that the screws and plugs are sunk (3).

Fixing of boards

  • Boards have to be placed in the same direction (a mark is present at the inner side of every board).

  • 5mm/m spacing must be kept to allow expansion, with a minimum of 15mm away from every wall (4).

  • The first and last board is fixed with starter and finishing clips. The following board is then inserted into the previous clips and again secured on beams with standard clips (4), repeat procedure for additional boards on all beams. When all boards have been installed the starter and finishing clip has to be shoved at the end of all boards.

  • Placing the beam at the end of the boards is recommended. If not, then the board overhang must not exceed 50mm from the last support beam.

  • The butting clip (5) allows boards to be joined lengthwise. Spacing between the short sides of the boards must be 10mm.

  • Pre-drilling is mandatory before fixing the clips.

  • The finishing of a terrace can be done with a skirt or with an L-Profile (6-7).

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Different placements: roof terrace, floating structure,...

  • If the beams cannot be supported over the whole length or cannot be fixed to the (roof) construction or have to be installed floated on pedestals, ... a solid steel or timber (class 1) frame needs to be mounted (8). The Duofuse® beam (DFB048) cannot be used for this. Place the framework on the ground or on pedestals. The distance between the pedestals is a maximum 500mm.

  • Use butting clips (DFC002) on wooden or steel beams instead of standard clips (DFC001).

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Full instruction booklet on how to install the Duofuse decking.

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